Summer Camping Bucket List

Do you realize you only get an average of eighteen summers with your children? Those […]

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Summer Camping Bucket List

Do you realize you only get an average of eighteen summers with your children? Those few moments fly by.

Whats on Your Summer Camping Bucket List?

Whats on Your Summer Camping Bucket List?

So to make the best of them, here are a few ideas to help you actively share those eighteen precious chances to get closer to your kids, make amazing memories with your spouse, and share them as a family. Compete year-to-year and see how many you can mark off the list.

Here’s to summer, the perfect time to camp in Missouri.

50 Things to do on Vacation — A Missouri Summer Camping Bucket List

  1. Commit to being the kind of person you want to be around.
  2. Lay under a starlit sky and pick out the constellations.
  3. Have a picnic by a river or lake.
  4. Skip stones.
  5. Ride a bike.
  6. Play volleyball.
  7. Run in the rain.
  8. Tie dye tee-shirts.
  9. Play horseshoes.
  10. Have a water gun shootout.
  11. Blow bubbles.
  12. Swivel a hoola hoop on your hips.
  13. Go swimming in a natural creek or spring fed river.
  14. Have an ice cream eating contest.
  15. Play water balloon tag.
  16. Build a house of cards, or play Jenga.
  17. Bake an entire meal over a campfire.
  18. Have a watermelon or pie eating contest.
  19. Play the imagination game.
  20. Fly kites.
  21. Pop popcorn the old-fashioned way, over a fire.
  22. Have a silly song writing contest around the campfire.
  23. Watch a sunrise and a sunset on the same day.
  24. Read a whole book in one weekend.
  25. Jump rope.
  26. Swing on a playground.
  27. Make root beer floats.
  28. Fingerpaint.
  29. Look for Native American arrow heads.
  30. Play board games.
  31. Smash a Pinata.
  32. Fly paper airplanes.
  33. Make fresh squeezed homemade lemonade.
  34. Tell ghost stories at night.
  35. Have a pillow fight.
  36. Give hugs.
  37. Play five on five. Spend five minutes within five feet of a loved one, ask them to tell you about their secret dreams — then just listen.
  38. Go tubing.
  39. Play hide and seek.
  40. Bird watch.
  41. Pick berries. Just make sure you check that they are safe to eat before ingesting them or their juice.
  42. Chase butterflies.
  43. Look at the different shapes of various tree leaf varieties.
  44. Catch fireflies.
  45. Take funny-face pictures — just make sure you don’t share with anyone else unless you have clear permission.
  46. Smile often and willingly.
  47. Search for four leaf clovers.
  48. Dance with a loved one during sunset.
  49. Catch crawdads.
  50. Roll down a grassy hillside.
  51. Bonus — Who could forget? Make S’Mores.

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